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UK Open darts draw live on mainstage for all rounds from round 4

Knockout darts with a difference The PDC UK Open

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) UK Open,  takes place every year at the Butlins Minehead Resort in England.

Knockout darts with a difference The PDC UK Open

Often dubbed the “FA Cup of darts,” the PDC UK Open tournament features an unseeded open draw after each round, with the draw for all rounds from round 4 onwards taking place live on the mainstage. The UK Open is a unique tournament in the PDC calendar as it is the only tournament where no player is protected by their ranking and numbers 1 and 2 in the world can face each other as early as round 4.

the vast arena which forms the mainstage of the UK Open at Butlin's Minehead
The UK Open Mainstage at Butlin’s Minehead

Darting minnows can shine bright under the spotlights

A total of 160 players compete across eight stages, with the PDC’s Top 32 joining the fray in the fourth round. Due to Adrian Lewis’s extended sabatical from the game, and Adam Hunt’s withdrawel from the tournament however, 2024 will feature 158 players.

A year can form a massive difference in a dart player’s career and this is evident in Luke Littler. In 2023 Luke Littler qualified as one of the “darting minnows” for the UK Open by winning a Riley’s qualifier on the day of his 16th birthday, in 2024 he enters the tournamentin round 4 as one of the world’s top 32 players. Ironicly, Luke enters the tournament in the very round he lost in 2023 having lost to Adam Gawlas despite averaging over 100 in the match (Gawlas averaged 97).

Elite shines through despite random draw

Much like the FA Cup, the UK Open has traditionally seen the world’s elite come through the tournament as winners despite it’s random draw. Phil Taylor with 5 titles, Michael van Gerwen and James Wade with 3 titles each dominate the UK Open roll of honour.

Raymond van Barneveld, Gary Anderson, Peter Wright and Adrian Lewis are household names to lift the trophy but the lesser known names have dominated in recent years. The then little known Nathan Aspinall won the title in 2019 and has since been folowwed by Danny Noppert (2022) and Andrew Gilding (2023) in coming out of the darting slugfest victorious.

Andrew Gilding holds UK Open trophy aloft after winning the "FA Cup"of darts in 2023
Goldfinger crowned the champion in 2023

Draw and results UK Open darts

As mentioned above the draw for round 4 onwards takes place live on the mainstage after each previous round is completed. The draw for rounds 1-3 takes place in advance in order for all players travelling to the event to know their assignments on what is a frantaic first day of the tournament.

Draw for UK Open darts rounds 1-3

UK Open First Round draw

Jacques Labre Bye
Christian Kist v Patrick Geeraets
Matthew Dennant v Jeffrey de Graaf
Conan Whitehead v Leonard Gates
Dom Taylor v Brandon Western
Lukas Wenig v Tom Lonsdale
Jarred Cole Bye
Leighton Bennett v Scott Mitchell
Danny Lauby v Nathan Rafferty
Kevin Burness v John Henderson
Owen Bates v Andy Boulton
Connor Scutt v Wesley Plaisier
Jules van Dongen v Thibault Tricole
Jack Male v Martin Dragt
Ashley Coleman v Tim Wolters
Brett Claydon v Thomas Lovely
Bradly Roes v Benjamin Reus
Haupai Puha v Jelle Klaasen
Jitse van der Wal v Johnny Haines
Sebastian Bialecki v Jenson Walker
Bradley Brooks v Cam Crabtree
Paul Krohne v Michael Taylor
Christopher Toonders v Chris Landman
George Killington v Radek Szaganski
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez v Ron Meulenkamp
Harry Gregory v Rhys Griffin
Joe Croft v William Borland
Jason Hogg v Darren Beveridge
Harry Lane v Dominik Gruellich
Darryl Pilgrim v Joshua Richardson
Michele Turetta v Robert Grundy
David Sumner v Wessel Nijman

UK Open Second Round draw

Niels Zonneveld v Sumner/Nijman
Arron Monk v Dylan Slevin
Ronny Huybrechts v Lane/Gruellich
Toonders/Landman v Lee Evans
James Hurrell v Croft/Borland
Geert Nentjes v Pascal Rupprecht
Pilgrim/Richardson v Keegan Brown
Berry van Peer v Maik Kuivenhoven
Hogg/Beveridge v Bennett/Mitchell
Jurjen van der Velde v Jeffrey de Zwaan
Gregory/Griffin v Whitehead/Gates
Karel Sedlacek v Robert Owen
Killington/Szaganski v Robbie Knops
Scutt/Plaisier v Puha/Klaasen
Jacques Labre v Steve Lennon
Bates/Boulton v Graham Usher
Turetta/Grundy v Jarred Cole
Krohne/M Taylor v Graham Hall
Jeffrey Sparidaans v Christian Perez
Bialecki/Walker v Coleman/Wolters
Daniel Klose v Adam Warner
Dennant/De Graaf v Danny van Trijp
Brooks/Crabtree v Van Dongen/Tricole
D Taylor/Western v Burness/Henderson
Adam Smith-Neale v Kist/Geeraets
Male/Dragt v Lauby/Rafferty
Wenig/Lonsdale v Roes/Reus
Callum Goffin v Nick Kenny
Andy Baetens v Claydon/Lovely
Owen Roelofs v Stephen Burton
Van der Wal/Haines v Mario Vandenbogaerde
Josh Payne v Rusty-Jake Rodriguez/Meulenkamp

UK Open Third Round draw

Mike De Decker v Zonneveld/Sumner/Nijman
Goffin/Kenny v Matt Campbell
Wenig/Lonsdale/Roes/Reus v Callan Rydz
Van Peer/Kuivenhoven v Simon Whitlock
Steve Beaton v Payne/Rusty-Jake Rodriguez/Meulenkamp
Martin Lukeman v Jermaine Wattimena
Gian van Veen v D Taylor/Western/Burness/Henderson
Alan Soutar v Baetens/Claydon/Lovely
Mervyn King v Killington/Szaganski/Knops
William O’Connor v Mensur Suljovic
Bates/Boulton/Usher v R Huybrechts/Lane/Gruellich
Sedlacek/Owen v Kevin Doets
Brooks/Crabtree/Van Dongen/Tricole v Cameron Menzies
Pilgrim/Richardson/Brown v Jamie Hughes
Keane Barry v Hurrell/Croft/Borland
Bialecki/Walker/Coleman/Wolters v Ryan Joyce
Ryan Meilke v Nentjes/Rupprecht
Dennant/De Graaf/Van Trijp v Hogg/Beveridge/Bennett/Mitchell
Jim Williams v Gregory/Griffin/Whitehead/Gates
Adam Gawlas v Turetta/Grundy/Cole
Roelofs/Burton v Richard Veenstra
Ricky Evans v Toonders/Landman/L Evans
Male/Dragt/Lauby/Rafferty v Labre/Lennon
Ricardo Pietreczko v Krohne/Mi Taylor/Hall
Boris Krcmar v Ritchie Edhouse
Scutt/Plaisier/Puha/Klaasen v Klose/Warner
Luke Woodhouse v Monk/Slevin
Van der Velde/De Zwaan v Smith-Neale/Kist/Geeraets
Van der Wal/Haines/Vandenbogaerde v Florian Hempel
Mickey Mansell v Ian White
Vincent van der Voort v Sparidaans/Perez
Rowby-John Rodriguez v Madars Razma

Drama and intrigue guarenteed at the PDC UK Open

Who will win the title this year, will we see a shock winner, how many different sets of darts will Peter Wright use during the tournament? Answers to these and many more questions will be answered at the south of England beach town from Friday 1st- Sunday 3rd March and updated here at which darts!