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What darts does Luke Humphries use and him holding world championship trophy

What darts does Luke Humphries use

What darts does Luke Humphries use

Which darts answers what darts does Luke Humphries use. The full Luke Humphries darts setup in detail as used in tournament darts by Luke Humphries is:

Darts- Luke Humphries TX series darts

Stems- Luke Humphries dart stems Joust XL

Flights- Pentathlon darts circuit board 100 micron flights

Recently crowned PDC World champion Luke Humphries uses his own darts designed by Red Dragon:

Luke Humphries darts for sale

There are 4 variants of the match dart available for purchase but Luke uses the natural tungsten version. This happens to be the cheapest of the 4 versions which is good to see.

What darts does Luke Humphries use. Luke Humphries darts setup as used in matches








Each Luke Humphries darts set for sale comes with the following:

  • Set of 3 x 22 Gram – 90% Premium Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set
  • HARDCORE Standard shape flights 
  • NITRO-TECH Ultra Shafts, made from modern polymer construction with aluminum flight locking and anti-deflection design for the tightest dispersion
  • Barrel Dimensions – 7.16mm x 43.18mm

You can find all 4 variants of Luke Humphries darts for sale here

Luke Humphries darts setup

Luke Humphries’ darts setup in competition is slightly different from the version sold by Red Dragon. Luke’s match setup includes the longest stems available on the market, namely a whopping 65mm long. Aptly named the Luke Humphries Joust Stems by Red Dragon due to their being so long that knights of old could have used them in jousting battles. Luke Humphries uses a 22g dart weight in his match darts setup and has been using this weight for many years.

Extremely long Luke Humphries darts stems Joust XL




This is an extremely long stem and it is understandable these aren’t included in the retail set as not many people can throw them. This point was emphasised by the fact that they were taken off of the market for a long time as Luke was pretty much the only player in the world using them. Due to Luke’s popularity Red Dragon have rereleased them, and we can recommend trying them to see how differently they react to the more standard size stems when you throw. It will help you appreciate the skill Luke has.

Luke Humphries Pentathlon darts circuit board flights

Darts players are very particular to what is in their eyeline and it is for this reason that Luke Humphries continues to use the Pentathlon circuit board flight in his darts setup during matches. Red Dragon does have a number of darts flights endorsed by Luke Humphries which Luke uses at exhibitions and signs for fans.

Luke Humphries Pentathlon dart flights








As with the stems, Luke was one of the few people who used the circuit board dart flights and they were discontinued. Fortunately for Luke, Pentathlon darts have rereleased the flight, and they are now available once again on the general market (please note they do sell out quickly). Pentathlon dart flights are made by Retriever Sports and not by Red Dragon darts, Pentathlon darts do not sponsor Luke Humphries. Luke Humphries’ sponsor is Red Dragon darts and they allow him to use the Pentathlon darts flights.

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